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The BlinkerGreen story

At the beginning of 2018, Florentina, a full-time accountant was spending most of her day working on her computer. She was constantly suffering from headaches, dry and irritated eyes as a result of long hours spent in front of a screen.

Florentina was eventually diagnosticated with Digital Eye Strain. That is how the search for effective solutions begun. She was worried not only for herself, but also for her teenage son, which is a hardcore gamer and spends many hours playing video games. Florentina was aware that many parents shared her concerns.

With technology use on the rise, Florentina and her sister, Maria, foresaw Digital Eye Strain affecting families around the world. They teamed up with a manufacturer and began developing a product to address this growing issue.

Part of their mission was not only to protect the eyes, but also the environment. Therefore, they decided to use only plant-based materials for developing the BlinkerGreen Glasses. They carefully chose the packaging, which is made of 70% plastic-free materials and are aiming for a fully ecological packaging in the nearby future. 

Together, the small family business set out to provide protection for all eyes and the environment. Support the BlinkerGreen mission!
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